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4 Tips for College Success

When it comes to starting college, many people are in for a rude awakening. It’s not at all like high school was, and as such many students can find themselves scrambling to keep up with the pace. The grueling hours, the extensive homework, and hours of studying are enough to cause even the most level headed of students to lose their cool. To help you navigate your first year in college, here are some of the best tips for success.

Think About the Big Picture

The first thing you should do is think about the big picture. What is it that you want to do in your life, and why are you going to college in the first place? Do you hope to retire in comfort one day? Perhaps you hope to become the most successful scientist, or even become a politician. 

Keep your big dreams in mind when going to school everyday, and it will help keep you motivated when the going gets rough. Without having an end in sight, it’s easy to lose motivation and find yourself emotionally deflated.

Study Early

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a student is assuming that you can cram all of the information the night before a test. Statistics show that you’re more likely to retain information if you start early with your study schedule, so that you have plenty of time to soak in the information. 

In other words, as soon as you hear that you have an exam, start studying the same day. You’re much more likely to remember all of the information if you learn a little each day and revise it. Not to mention, you’ll also save yourself plenty of stress! 

Don’t Get Wrapped up in Petty Social Drama

One of the biggest reasons for distractions in college is getting wrapped up in social issues. Try to stay focused and don’t allow yourself to be dragged into petty gossip. Keep your nose clean, and stick with people that are reliable and kind. 

If you end up falling in with the wrong crowd, it could completely ruin your college experience. While building friendships is certainly encouraged, it shouldn’t be the main focus of going to college. Remember, your ultimate goal is to learn, with the intent of success later in life.

Keep a Tight Calendar

With so many due dates, deadlines, and classes to go to, you can’t expect to keep up with it all without a system in place. You need to create a calendar that tracks all of your most important dates, and set up reminders when necessary.  Writing down lists of what you have to do every day will help you stay on top of your most important tasks, and avoid scheduling mix ups that could be disastrous.

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