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Becoming A Medical Assistant: All Students Need To Know

If you always wanted to work in the healthcare industry and cannot wait to start your career right away, the role of a medical assistant should be enticing. For the uninitiated, medical assistants, or MAs, are employed at hospitals and other medical facilities, where they are in charge of admin and clinical tasks. In this post, we are sharing reasons to become a medical assistant and other aspects worth knowing.

Discover the perks

Getting started as a medical assistant doesn’t have to complicated. You can take up a basic postsecondary course, which can have a duration of two years, or a diploma course of one year. You can start working immediately after successful completion, and the pay for medical assistants is great from the start. As you gain more experience, you can expect a better salary, and in many states such as New York, the average salary is better than the national average. Also, medical assistants get to work with doctors, nurses, and patients directly, and there is some level of happiness and contentment in that. Furthermore, you can get trained in the future and become a registered nurse. The good part is medical assistants will always remain in demand, and they may work in different environments, including nursing homes.

The actual role

As a medical assistant, you would be in charge of managing the clinic with other MAs. From helping patients with insurance and related paperwork, to maintaining records, sending blood samples for testing, managing inventory, and handling appointments and referrals, medical assistants do it all. They may be also asked to help the physicians in examination, and their role is evident in keeping a medical facility in motion. Most medical assistants also have to work with nurses and other admin staff for various day-to-day needs of the clinic.

The career ahead

The demand for medical assistants is only growing to increase in years to come, and the projected growth is much higher than most average professions. It should be noted that medical assistants are not same as nursing assistants, although the names and roles may sound similar. The interaction that a medical assistant has with patients is much limited when compared to that of a nursing assistant.

Finding the right program

Ensure that you select the right healthcare school for enrolling in the medical assistant program, and do check the course curriculum and the kind of exposure that the institute will offer.

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