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British Vs American Curriculum: What Are the Differences?

Many parents in Asian countries are looking to give their children an international education, mainly for the English language acquisition that comes with the British or American curriculum, and some parents rightly wish to know what are the differences between the two curriculums. In this article, we will outline some of the differences between the two versions of the curriculum that is used by international schools around the world.

The Same High Standard

Both the UK and the US curriculum offer the highest academic standards, especially when delivered by qualified teachers, and in many cases, the parents might have a preference, as they may have completed their education in the UK or US, or they might be open to their child studying either. You might prefer an international school in Bangkok that follows the US curriculum, and in that case, a Google search will point you in the right direction.

English Language

The main difference between the UK and US curriculum lies in the subtle language differences, which would be highlighted in all aspects. British English has different spelling for many words, and a child studying the American curriculum, for example, would refer to autumn as the fall, while the ‘bonnet’ of a car would be called the ‘hood’ in the United States. Of course, a child studying at an American international school would speak with an American accent, and the same would go for a child at a British international school, who would pick up a traditional British accent, thanks to the native teachers.

Both Internationally Recognised

Choosing either an American or British curriculum would result in your child having many options when it comes to further study, as both are globally considered to be the best. If, for example, you think there is a chance that you might one day emigrate to the US, then the American curriculum would be the best choice.

Sourcing an International School

Wherever you happen to live, Google will soon take you to the website of a local international school, and whichever you favourite curriculum, simply add ‘British’ or American” to the search term. There are likely to be several international schools in the city where you live, and start by browsing the numerous websites, looking for strengths and aspects that you feel are important.

The next step is to book a tour of the school, which can be done online, and you and your child can see for yourself how the school operates.

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