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How to Get Ahead in the Career Market

It’s been happening for generations; people try to ensure that their children are well educated and equipped to handle the pressures of modern life, and as the global population increases, the competition for good jobs is much higher. This is evident when you look at the many thousands of young Thais who wish to enter into employment, and the best way to impress any would-be employer would be to show them a UK university degree.

  • UK University Degree – This is the ultimate feature of anyone’s resume, and there are colleges such as that offer a 3-year degree program that includes a 12-month stint living and studying in the UK. I’m sure you need no reminding of the global reputation for academic excellence, and England has a second to none record of providing achieving students of the highest calibre. If you graduate from well-known British universities, you are virtually guaranteed to be on the top of the pile when the companies are hiring, as they are aware of the very high standards.
  • English Conversation – Ask any Thai student what is the hardest aspect of English, and almost all would tell you speaking. The natural way for us to learn a language has three stages; the learning of new grammar and vocabulary, which we receive in the classroom, secondly there is guided practice, when the students have a dialogue using the target language, and the final step is ‘free practice’, when you use the language in real life scenarios. This free practice is missing in many Thai students’ lives, therefore they have little confidence when speaking English, yet by enrolling in a college program that incorporates studying and living in England, you will return home close the fluency in English.
  • Critical Thinking –You may already be aware of the various shortcomings of the Thai National Curriculum leaves a lot to be desired, due to rote learning (learning through memorisation), which doesn’t teach kids how to think critically. This can put Thai students at a seriously disadvantage, as they lack the opportunities to develop these essential skills, but if you enrol in a 3-year BA that includes one year living and studying in the Unuited Kingdom. The professor would divide the students into small groups, and each would have a project to complete, during which time they encounter real life problems and must brainstorm for the best solutions. Working in a project-based environment brings out the best in everyone, and the experience gained when working in a team will stand you in good stead when you do find employment.

If you are proficient in all areas of the English language, your career opportunities will be greater, plus when a potential employer see your UK degree, that should be enough to convince them that you are the ideal candidate for the position.

If you would like to learn more about Thai colleges that offer a 3-year BA program that is combined with a stay in the UK, simply search online and you will find a list of suitable institutions.

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