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The Digital Landscape Of College Search

With the ways in which the algorithms of popular social media applications are serving content to users, more and more aspiring college students are searching for college related content on these applications. Understanding this opportunity, many institutions have begun creating theme-focused bits of video content to share on each of the major platforms students to engage with. Capitalizing on the fact that these videos are short and to the point means that colleges can create a slew of them to continuously share rather than trying to oversaturate them with information. Colleges have even gone as far as recruiting previously graduated students to help create this content in hopes of lining it with authenticity. The real experiences shared by these past students can make all the difference in recruiting currently aspiring college students, as without the authenticity many of these aspiring students would be able to see through the disingenuous content immediately. While it may seem as though these social media opportunities are one of the easiest recruiting methods, they do require a great deal of consideration to be created and resonate with aspiring students. To learn more about the ways in which colleges are creating these bits of content, please check out the infographic shared alongside this post.

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