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3 Tips For Adults Going Back To College

Deciding to enroll yourself in college as an adult, whether this is your first try or you are making a return to college after several years or decades, can be scary,  emotional,  stressful, and overwhelming. There is a lot to unpack if this is the type of situation you are in, and this article is here to help you. Here are 3 tips for adults going back to college.

Stay Safe

The world as a whole is a very different place than it was a decade or two ago. If you are returning to college you may not immediately realize this and may easily fall into your old patterns or ways and make unsafe decisions. Especially when walking around your town alone at night, you should make sure to always be aware of your surroundings. If you live in an area where conceal and carry is legal,  take advantage of that by putting on your conceal and carry pants, for example. Self-protection is so important and is often thrown to the wayside because people lead such busy lives with so much else going on. 

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to people in your classes, especially those much younger than you, is not going to help you out in any capacity. Realizing your dreams a little bit older than others doesn’t make you any less worthy,  any less of a hard worker, or any less deserving of happiness. The truth is, if you are back in school you are going to have to accept the fact that you will see people around you succeed, and sometimes those folks will be a lot younger than you are. You should be happy for them and never even have a thought about yourself in those situations. You are a different person on a different path and that is OK. 

Get Your Priorities In Order

Is school going to be your number one priority this time around – as in, are you willing to take time off work to devote to your studies? Or is work still your main priority and school just an afterthought that must fit in with your work schedule? There is no right or wrong answer, as it’s certainly different for everyone, but getting your priorities straight ahead of time will really help you organize your schedule as well as the space in your mind so that you will be more present and well-grounded during your return to higher education.

Going back to college may seem almost impossible at first because of funds, logistics, or just your own self-esteem. But adults do it all the time, and you can too! Utilize these tips and you will be better off than you could ever imagine. 

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