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Learn Discipline with Muay Thai

Some of us are looking to get out and do something different. Whether it be to get into shape, learn self-defence, or some combination, there are more than a few avenues that one could take. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve.

Muay Thai has gone past the point of fad to being a discipline that is here to stay. Training is not about being able to “beat someone up.” It is about learning self-defence, self-awareness, and growing self-confidence.

Joining a Club

One of the things to consider when looking for Muay Thai in Reading is that you do not have to take on the journey alone. There are plenty of different clubs available where you can make the journey with those just like you.

Whether it is exclusively Muay Thai, kickboxing, jujitsu, or simply MMA, you can take on the path to improvement. Having others in the group can mean getting a boost in motivation where it is needed most, allowing you to go further than you thought possible.

There are also clubs for kids and young adults. Having a place where they can go to learn and grow is invaluable. Whether it is to build confidence or to keep youths off the streets, it is all beneficial.

Different Levels

Having access to a great martial arts club also means different levels for everyone. It starts with the juniors, which is for kids. There are designated times when the kids will train and learn under the tutelage of their teacher.

The next level up is for adults who are beginners to the entire Muay Thai experience. This is a great way to get an introduction into the world of Muay Thai without feeling overwhelmed or being put into potentially dangerous situations.

The advanced adult group is not quite new to the scene, but they are still looking to learn and grow. It skips the very basics and starts to get into slightly more advanced training. This is usually for more serious students.

Finally, there is the Jujitsu club. This is open to all ages and teaches a mixture of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, and has an overall teaching MMA. For those who don’t want to focus on a singular discipline, this is a great club to join. It can make students more well-rounded and complete inside the world of BJJ and Muay Thai.

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